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Digital Images by Kenny Photography is a home-based photography business specializing in Outdoor Photography. Also know as Portraits by Kenny specializes in senior pictures photography, wedding photography, and I also enjoys photographing Families, Children. We Photograph Your Images in Canon RAW - If you're Looking for a Photographer be Sure to Ask if They Shoot in RAW, If Not, You're not Getting YOUR Money's Worth. A “contract photographer” usually does senior portraits at the schools on picture day but that is not the type of senior portraiture that will be considered here. Many studios have taken to offering high end, very hip and upscale senior sittings that allow the kids to be photographed with their favorite things in their favorite locations. For instance, a senior’s car, a treasured possession usually, is a prime prop included in these sessions. Often senior sessions will involve the subject’s friends and favorite haunts. Or, in the case of senior girls, they will want to be photographed in a fashion, glamour pose, wearing something pretty racy—like what they see on MTV. This is all part of the process of expressing their individuality and becoming an adult and instead of resisting it, many smart photographers are now catering to it. A distinction is made between "Pictures" and "Portraits"; that distinction is quality. Many people buy on price alone forgetting to look at quality. With Digital Images by Kenny you will be satisfied with our prices and our highest quality that we maintain. We take the utmost care in each portrait, from the session where the portrait's are created down to the last detail in the final product. We work hard to keep our customers satisfied. Customer service is a must in our studio. Your portraits are designed with you in mind. We know that you will enjoy them for many years to come. I offer a cash back for refferals on Weddings, Senior Portraits and Family Portraits up to the price of your purchase. Our photography studio is a member of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. Call for details